Multi-D is a “life-saving” program for chronic pain patient

“My family and friends believe the Multi-D program ‘saved me,” said Marjorie. “I agree. After years of my pain and illnesses governing me, I am able to live life again.”

Marjorie’s story begins with a series of unfortunate events. Six car accidents over the course of six consecutive years caused injuries up and down her left side and knee problems. Then, a metal rack at work fell on top of her, injuring her back and resulting in a bulging disc.

She lived with the pain for a few years, but then the bulging disc collapsed and she began to experience numbing down her legs and into the bottom of her feet. Her physician prescribed Naproxen and other pain killers to address the pain.

A few years later, Marjorie was diagnosed with Systemic Crohns, an inflammatory intestinal disease. Very painful ulcers and sores showed-up internally, even in her mouth. This time, her physician prescribed Oxycodone for the pain.

Then, her luck turned for the worse. She had her gallbladder removed, and following the surgery went into respiratory failure. Both of her rotator cuffs were torn during the life saving process.

Shortly thereafter, Marjorie was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, iritis (arthritis of the eye) and fibromyalgia. The osteoarthritis from her car accidents was getting worse and the autoimmune diseases were piling up.

“By this point, it hurt to eat, I had constant diarrhea, and I gained weight from the pain and the prescriptions,” said Marjorie. “The rheumatoid arthritis was in all my major joints, my hands and even the tops of my feet. I was on 16 drugs to treat all the symptoms, and my physician had increased the Oxycodone dose.”

According to Marjorie she fell into major depression as her personality changed due to all the medications. She was often in bed all day,two to three days a week, and regularly experienced pain worse than child birth.

In 2010, fifteen years after the onset of her injuries and illnesses, her gastroenterologist recommended the Comprehensive Pain Center.

“When I started the Multi-D program, I was on eight prescription pain medications and consistently at a seven to eight on a zero to ten pain scale,” said Marjorie. “Within days of entering the Multi-D program, I was off all eight pain medications and down to a manageable three in pain.”

The combination of group and individual counseling, medication management, integrated medicine, and physical, occupational and aquatic therapy has helped Marjorie in countless ways. Her team of doctors and therapists worked closely together to treat her.

The Multi-D team found that bee venom treatments managed Marjorie’s pain so well that she could go off all her prescription pain medications. They also discovered her blood pressure medicine was contributing to her diarrhea and solved the problem by prescribing a different medication.

Marjorie learned how to stand without aggravating her pain, how to exercise without hurting, and how to redirect her thoughts away from the pain. She started losing weight and having more energy.

“The combination of treatments and expert advice is what made Multi-D so helpful,” said Marjorie. “When the program began, we sat down and I wrote a list of things I wished I could do. It was toward the end of the program, that I realized I had accomplished everything on my list.”

According to Marjorie, “living without the pain killers has made me a happier person and is a direct result of the program.”

Marjorie has continued with bee venom treatments once every two weeks to stay ahead of the pain and off prescription pain medications. She exercises at home and most days is at a pain level of two. “I went from not being here to being part of the world again,” said Marjorie.