Can A Sacroiliac Injection Ease Your Lower Back Pain?

One of the most common areas where back pain may originate is at the sacroiliac joints. These are the joints where the iliac bones and the sacrum (the most lower back and tail bone) meet. Some clinical studies have shown that up to 30% of cases of chronic lower back pain are caused by arthritis or dysfunction the sacroiliac joints. One of the approaches to diagnose and treat this pain generator is by means of administering medication into this joint. A sacroiliac joint injection is a simple procedure that can yield extremely useful diagnostic information as to the cause of lower back pain. Sometimes, several other pain generators may be involved but with a neurological examination, the diagnostic possibilities can be narrowed sufficiently to pinpoint to the mechanisms underlying the pain.A pain specialist or neurologist will determine if the physical findings are compatible with this frequent mechanism of back pain and may recommend a sacroiliac joint injection.The clinical findings suggesting involvement of these anatomical structures include lower back pain lateralized to the buttocks areas, frequently radiating to the posterior aspect of the thigh, even down to the knee, simulating sciatica or a pinched spinal nerve (radiculopathy).

In many instances, sacroiliac joint pain can be severe and incapacitating for an individual. Not only there can be a great deal of physical pain involved, but this physical pain can lead to emotional and even perhaps financial distress, especially if the pain is severe enough to force the individual to stop working and earning an income. Without a doubt, tackling the lower back pain should be a priority, and although surgery may be the first thing that comes to mind for many who are considering getting the pain checked out, it should be recognized that minimally-invasive treatments such as a sacroiliac joint injection, if you are a candidate for this procedure, can and do alleviate the immense pain experienced by many. This injection, although extremely simple, must always be performed under image guidance to ensure accuracy in the delivery of the medications. Interventional pain specialists are appropriately trained and certified to perform this simple but very effective procedure. Appropriate diagnosis of a sacroiliac joint pain or dysfunction (correct patient selection) is also a must prior to performing this or any other type of intervention.

If you are suffering from lower back pain, then, it may be time for you to find the help you need. With the help of an experienced back pain management specialist, you’ll not only have the opportunity to find out the cause of your back pain and whether a sacroiliac injection would be the most beneficial treatment option available. Then your specialist will be able to apply the treatment without too much of a delay so that you can have a chance at living a life with little or no lower back pain. A sacroiliac joint injection must be performed with image guidance, to ensure that the medication is delivered accurately into the joint.

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