Published on Mar 22, 2014
Move over aspirin: the latest anti-inflammatory treatment the medical community is buzzing about is...a bee sting! Most people jump at the sound of buzzing bees, but practitioners of this therapy swear the insect's sting works wonders.

Dr. Kleronomos specializes in bee sting therapy, or apitherapy, and says that bee venom is an excellent remedy for conditions like multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and gout.

Dr. kleronomos discusses Healing Lotions Feat on the doctors

Published on Mar 23, 2014
Healing Lotion recipe specially prepared by Dr. Kleronomos.

NOTE: This basic recipe is for general use and not designed for specific conditions. Information is for educational purposes and not intended to replace professional medical care.

Download the recipe:



Published on Feb 17, 2013

Gua Sha Treatment is an Oriental medical technique for removing blood stagnation from the surface tissues of the body. It is the original form of the physical therapy technique Graston therapy. The “gua” of Gua Sha refers to the scraping action, along the skin, using the Gua Sha tool. The “sha” of Gua Sha refers to the red, blue or purplish marks that come to the surface during a Gua Sha treatment. For more information, CLICK HERE.

DR. KLERONOMOS Discusses Moxibustion Feat on The Doctors 

Published on Mar 22, 2014
Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese medicine technique that entails burning moxa, or mugwort, a small and spongy herb. Dr. Kleronomos demonstrates how the technique is performed. The moxa is placed on or above strategic acupuncture points on a person's body and then burned. Experts in Chinese medicine explain that the heat created is thought to activate stagnant or cold Qi, or life-force energy. 

Moxibustion therapy is considered ideal for patients who have conditions exacerbated by their diminished Qi, such as colds, cough, flu, asthma, digestive disorders and menstrual cramps. 

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Dr. Kleronomos demonstrates laser sting treatment on The Doctors

Published on Feb 22, 2013


Featuring Dr. Kleronomos at 32:28

Dr. Kleronomos demonstrates Apitherapy Treatment. Bee Venom Therapy (BVT) is the therapeutic application of venom from several related species of honeybee, typically, Apis mellifera (European spp.) and Apis cerana (Asian spp.). Bee Venom Therapy is also called Apitherapy, or “bee therapy” (from the Latin “apis” which means bee). A good way to view BVT is to consider it “venom acupuncture” or “apipuncture”. BVT was used in many ancient cultures. Bee venom contains active compounds that have therapeutic properties. The venom is administered either by direct sting from the bee itself, or by manual injection of venom, via syringe, which can be mixed with anesthetic. The practice is considered a subset of a natural medicine system.


Manage Chronic Pain With Natural Therapies Featuring Dr. Kleronomos

A study published in the Journal of Pain reports that 19% of  American adults—almost one in five—suffer from persistent pain. Among people over 60, that portion reaches almost 30%.

Most doctors approach pain problems with a prescription pad, without ever considering other factors that can help mitigate and eventually end chronic pain. But Dr. Kleronomos is an exception.

He is a doctor of acupuncture and Oriental medicine, a nurse practitioner, and clinical director of the Fibromyalgia and Neuromuscular Pain Center of Oregon. In a thoroughly comprehensive approach to pain management, Dr. Kleronomos’ clinic incorporates natural medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic, psychology, diet, biofeedback, injections, bee venom therapy, functional nutrition, and many other therapies. For those unable to visit his Salem, Oregon clinic, he recently agreed to answer some questions for us about chronic pain and how it can be safely alleviated.

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Written by: Chris A. Kleronomos, DAOM, FNP-BC, RH (AHG)